Mobile App


To Ensure Access To Vital Information Anytime, Anywhere.

Business requires more and more mobility and the drivers need instant and reliable assistance.

Our app is the easiest way to make your services accessible to the drivers and to deliver any new functionality with a simply tap on the screen.


Your Car At Your Fingertips

This App is available for any mobile platform (IOS, Android, Windows Phone). The driver can immediately access the vehicle information and ask for assistance without making a phone call.

Many dedicated functions are available to assist the driver in case of a vehicle break-down or for a service repair, even to manage a fine. All through a simple tap.

It is a genuine user-friendly application. Of course there is a special area specifically developed for traffic fines.

A notification will be sent to the driver for an incoming fine and the application will allow him to manage the related process simply using his smartphone or tablet.


Why This App?

The driver can easily access the available services or ask for a Courtesy Car without calling the Customer Assistance.

The app is not simply a communication system but it is constantly in touch with the driver. The app warns the driver to do maintenance repairs and to book appointments with the favourite service point. It also warns the deriver when to replace the tyres and also where the winter tyres are in stock. It allows communication directly with the Leasing Company’s Systems (in both directions).

The Lease Company or the Dealer, in turn, can follow up the driver easily, quickly and without cost until the vehicle is ready to be collected.

These are the main advantages:

  • INNOVATIVE and MODERN Services
  • AUTONOMY of the Driver
  • MONITORING on drivers behaviour
  • Network CONTROL